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Even the most carefully preserved photos will deteriorate with age. The colours will change and the overall appearance of the photo will fade. By scanning your photos before age takes its toll you are able to preserve an irreplaceable and special memory forever.


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With more than 30 years’ experience in digital production your memories are safe with us. Our skilled staff are committed to protect and ensure that the highest quality image is obtained for each photo whilst preserving the state of the original.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Aim

It’s our job to ensure that we handle your memories in such a way that they are preserved for future generations. If you are not satisfied, please let us know as we are committed to making you happy.

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Photos are scanned into JPEG files at a resolution of 300 dpi or 600 dpi depending on your long term objectives. 300 dpi is perfect for an exact reproduction of the original photo and allows for re-printing at the original size. 600 dpi is only required for reprinting at sizes larger than the original and therefore an option for heritage preservation.

Each set of photos are assessed for the best reproduction methods as we believe it is our responsibility to protect the original memory above all else.Stack-of-Photos

Our choice of scanners will best reproduce your memories in the best quality without damaging the original either through over bending, cracking or even breaking. We treat your memories as if they were our own. We do it right!

On completion of the scanning process your digital photos are inspected for quality and  made ready for your collection and uploaded to your personal Snapper Online account for you to immediately access and download or written to an optical disk and delivered to you.

Due to the nature in which Old Photos are often handled and stored during their lifetime, they can become bent, torn or damaged. Depending on the severity of the damage, digital restoration may be worth your consideration.
For an additional fee, we will put our “Photoshop Masters” to the task and restore your old photos to near pristine condition.

How to Organise & Pack your Photographic Memories

We recommend that you pack your photos into cardboard boxes and tape them securely with buff tape so that they will get to us safely.

Please consider the following when preparing your photographic memories for shipping;

  • Use a strong cardboard box that won’t easily collapse during handling and shipping
    • We suggest using a double walled card board box or the 12 Piece Dinner Plate box, product code dp12 or the Mover 5 Box, product code mr5 available from Boxman who is represented nationally
  • Photo negatives and slides should be placed into plastic bags, preferably Ziploc bags which protects them against high humidity and moisture during the shipping
    • Photo negatives should be left in their sleeves or binders as this helps protect them. A piece of stiff cardboard can be inserted into the bag to provide more protection
    • Photo slides can be sent in their boxes or loose. It is advised that you place rubber bands around the boxes or groups of slides before placing them in plastic bags
  • Wrap photos in plastic or bubble wrap, cling wrap is a good option as this will protect them against high humidity and moisture during the shipping
    • Larger photos or smaller batches of photos should be inserted into plastic bags together with a piece of stiff cardboard to provide more protection
  • Pack your photos into boxes as tightly as possible to minimise movement during handling and shipping and fill the box as much as possible with your photos
    • If there is empty space in the box, it is suggested that you fill the space with stuffed newspaper or plastic bubble wrap which helps to reduce movement of your photos and collapse of the box
  • Please don’t use polystyrene chips or balls, cotton waste or any other dusty packing material to fill the empty spaces as this creates dust and speck problems when scanning
  • Remember to include a copy of your Snapper PhotoScan Work Order within the box before sealing closed with packaging tape.

Note, it is not necessary to provide us with exact quantities as every photographic memory is accounted for during our process and you are only billed for the quantity of digital photos we scan

How Can I Prolong the life of my Old Photos

How can I store my photos and negatives to prolong their life?

The first step is to have them scanned as soon as possible as this will preserve the memories in the state in which they are currently. Having had them scanned there are a number of factors that you can do to slow down the aging process.

Note, even the best kept photos will still deteriorate with age.

  • Store your photos in a dry cool environment that stays pretty much the same all year round. A temperature of 20oC and a humidity of 50% are the ideal conditions
  • Photos should be kept away from exposure to sun light and its harmful ultra violet light
  • Wooden crates and boxes can contain harmful acids and chemicals that overtime destroy your photos
  • Glues, Rubber bands & Prestik all contain harmful chemicals that will eventually discolour and damage your photos
  • Don’t store your photos with hard objects such as loose pieces of glass, photo frames, metal objects (often found with photo frames) as these will scratch and damage your photos.
Why Choose Snapper Photo to Scan my Photos?

Snapper Photo is South Africa’s premier photo scanning solution provider. With the combined 30 years of production scanning expertise we produce high quality scanned reproductions of your precious memories. Together with our class leading Snapper PhotoManager solution, you can easily manage, tag, organise and share your entire photographic library in the convenience of your own home.

Why Scan my photos?

With everything going digital your paper photo memories will quickly be forgotten and by the time you look at them again they will have suffered from aging. By scanning your photos, you will bring them back to life together with all the precious memories they hold. You will not only be able to share them with your friends and family but you will have ensured that they will last for generations to come.

Why Not Scan Myself?

It seems quick and easy to scan your photos. Many have rushed out with great enthusiasm to buy a photographic scanner with the intention of scanning their photos only to find that it is very time consuming. (On average it will take 5 months to scan 500 photos spending 2 hours a weekend) and the end result is not always as expected. Dust, scratches, dpi settings, tonal range, colour enhancements often become overwhelming and sees the project being left for another day…

Producing quality reproductions of photographs is a specialised skill. We have years of experience in knowing how to achieve the best result with the right equipment, consistently and quickly.

What type of Photos can you scan?

We will scan any photograph, black and white, sepia or colour up to the size of an A4 page (21.0cm x 29.7cm) or 8” x 12” photo that is in a fair condition. If your photos are torn or scratched, we can scan these as you may opt to have them digitally restored at an additional cost. Special arrangements for larger photos may be possible but it is best to contact us to discuss your needs and expectations.

If we receive a photo that cannot be scanned, we will contact you and discuss alternative methods of creating a digitised copy.

Will you scan my photos that are in albums?

Yes, we will. For an additional charge of R1.95 per photo we will remove, scan and replace your photos. Unfortunately, we cannot scan photos that have been glued into albums.

Will you scan my photo negatives and slides?

We have the capability to scan black and white or colour negatives and slides in 35mm as well as medium format negatives.

What provides the best reproduction when scanning, photos or their negatives?

In almost all instances, the negatives will provide a better quality reproduction when scanned.

Refer to the images of the boy doing the tyre race, These are actual scanned images, the first from the original photograph and the second from the original negative. The colours have been unaltered.

Even though you provide the images online through Snapper Online, can you provide me with my photos on a CD, DVD or Blue Ray disk?

Yes, we will. At small additional cost we will write your photos to the requested optical disk technology and ship this back to you together with your photos.

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